Budaörs progressed to the European Cup in the first place

Budaörs progressed to the European Cup in the first place

In the group stage of the final stage of the European Cup in Novi Sad, the women’s team of the Hungarian champion SH-ITB Budaörsi SC won 3: 2 in a big fight against Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT, so on Saturday they will play one of the runners-up in the group of four.

Budaörs finished first in the European Cup (Photo: Budaörsi SC Table Tennis / Facebook)


The schedule for the European Cup, the second continental series, was exceeded due to the epidemiological situation last summer, along with many other things, so the European Union decided to decide on the ranking in the bubble tournament in Novi Sad with the participation of the best 12 teams. The 12 became the 11 before the start, as Spain’s Linares players had tested positive for the virus before leaving, so they didn’t even get to the scene. In addition to the three groups of three teams, a team of two teams was added, including Hungarian champion SH-ITB Budaörsi SC and Frenchman Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT. All this means that these two teams have definitely reached the quarter-finals of the tournament, and the two’s duel was solely aimed at determining who is first and who is second.

The showdown began on Thursday night better by the residents of Budaörs, as the eternal youngster Maria Vizikas, 45, defeated 33-year-old Russian Legion Marija Dolgich with a brilliant match. In the jump, Georgina Botta, who has returned after giving birth but is still looking for her previous match, was knocked out in three matches by the opponent’s first table tennis player, Hana Matilova of the Czech Republic, who is ranked 51 in the world. Classifications. Just to continue the roller coaster, the Serbian Legion of Budaors, Zabina Sorgan, won without a match against injured Frenchman Marie Migot, then Vasikas snatched him from Matilova. And so the decision remained in the last confrontation, before which Peter Bachman replaced the Budowers coach and sent Petra Luvas to the table in place of Botha, which proved to be a winning draw: Luvas defeated the Russian who was playing in good defensive style. The patient game. Thus, the Hungarian squad was the first to advance, which has the advantage, in the quarter-finals on Saturday, they will have to face one of the group runners in the semi-finals.

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European Cup women’s table
Final Section, Group B.
SH-ITB Budaörsi SC – Etival Clairefontaine ASRTT (French) 3: 2

Fazekas Mária – Dolgih 3: 1 (8, 10, –5, 9), Póta Georgina – Matelová 0: 3 (–10, –9, –7), Surján Szabina – Migot 3: 0 jn, Fazekas – Matelová 1: 3 (–4–8, 8, –2), Luvas – Dolje 3: 0 (9, 6, 9)

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