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Buck left their mark in Halifax

Buck left their mark in Halifax

SE athletes at the Nuclear Power Plant completed qualifying held in Halifax, Canada, with impeccable balance, with Noémi Pupp winning the finals as a member of the four kayak and Dávid Hodován as the member of the second kayak. The very small quad of Sara Fojt, Noémi Pupp, Emese Kőhalmi and Dóra Gazsó Alida finished seventh and eighth halfway from the five hundred metres, then managed to improve in the second 250 metres, which was enough for sixth.

After the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to last year, among other things, the men’s C2 1000m was also removed from the program, despite this, this event is still part of the world championships. On the Hungarian side, the Balázs Kiss-Dávid Hodován duo appeared in the final, where they finished seventh.

Personally, I’m so tired, mostly physically, I feel like I still have some in my lungs. I think we’re getting better and better, and there’s more to this pair – the 21-year-old dinghy driver summed up the Bucks on the beach after the finish.

In the five-hundred-meter final of the discipline four, a young unit started with Dominic Zombori, David Kochkis, Adam Slihochki and Christoph Kollar of Buck, born in 2001, who tried to keep up with the leaders, and ended up finishing fourth behind him. them in the final.

consequences. Women’s K4, 500m: 1. Poland 1: 30.70, 2. Australia 1: 32.78, 3. Mexico 1: 33.24 …, 6. Hungary (Sara Vogt, Noemi Pop, Emesi Kohalmi, Gazso Dora Alida) 1:34.11 Minutes. Men’s C4, 500 metres: 1. Spain 1: 39.42, 2. Poland 1: 39.91, 3. Ukraine 1: 40.52, 4. Hungary (Dominic Zombori, David Koçeks, Odam Slehochki, Christoph Kollar) 1:43.32 min. C2, 1000m: 1. Germany 3: 54.91, 2. China 3: 55.34, 3. Canada 4: 06.13 …, 7. Hungary (Balázs Kiss, Dávid Hodován) 4: 09.49 min.

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