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Bryan Cranston said a heartbreaking goodbye to his own movie, which is soon to be canceled from Disney Plus!

Bryan Cranston said a heartbreaking goodbye to his own movie, which is soon to be canceled from Disney Plus!

Movie news — the actor has responded poignantly to the fact that his work Evan, the only one, will soon disappear from the streaming service.

Disney+ has announced that it will remove dozens of original series and movies from the platform by May 26, including Bryan Cranston’s Evan The One. Released in April 2020, the work is based on the book of the same name by Catherine Applegate and follows the desire for freedom of a gorilla named Evan (Sam Rockwell), who grows up in the care of a circus leader (Cranston) in a shopping mall.

Cranston took to Instagram to share his emotional reaction to the fact that Evan, the one and only, will soon disappear from Disney±. The actor said how important this project is to him and how proud he is to bring it to viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cranston finished his letter, which can be seen below, by urging everyone to watch the movie with their families before it “goes away forever.”

Evan, the One and Only isn’t the only movie to leave Disney Plus. As has been the case with many other original series and movies, Ivan the One was available exclusively on Disney Plus, which means that once it’s removed from there, it won’t be found anywhere else. For the cast and crew, they have no choice but to hope that the movies and series will be released on DVD or picked up by other broadcasters. As Cranston mentioned, for some projects, that means they’ll never be seen again.

On a recent earnings call, Disney announced a cost-cutting measure to remove content from Disney Plus and Hulu and cancel others. As a result, many series such as Big Shot or The Great Duck Tale: The Game of Life have been cancelled. A total of 40 series have been removed from Disney Plus and Hulu, along with several original movies. Evan, the only one, spent nearly three years on the platform, while projects like Willow or Darby and the Dead only lasted six months.

While this appears to be a cost-cutting measure, many are wondering how Disney saves money with this. Movies and series that have already been released can’t be described as tax credits, which means the only thing the studio saves on it seems to be avoiding paying royalties to employees. And given the ongoing Writers’ Guild strike, the move is sure to receive criticism for that reason as well. Additionally, Evan’s post, the only main character, shows how these removals personally affect the cast and crew as they see their work go away so quickly.

source: screen rant

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