Brussels explains vaccine distribution

Brussels explains vaccine distribution

Eric Mamer, the chief spokesperson for the European Commission, said on Friday that the distribution of coronavirus vaccines within the European Union is based on agreements between member states that may deviate from the principle of fair and proportional distribution.

And Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz had earlier told reporters that he was Vaccines It is not distributed evenly among the individual EU countries, i.e. not all countries get their share in proportion to their population.

In response to a question regarding the Austrian Chancellor’s statement, Erik Mamer stated that member states have the right to conclude an agreement among themselves regarding the distribution of vaccines.

It is not up to the European Commission to say whether the distribution of each vaccine among member states is fair or not. This is a member state issue, the spokesman said.

A country may decide not to take the full vaccine dose that it had previously planned. These doses will be available to other Member States and will be the subject of discussion and new agreement. The spokesperson added that this is a transparent mechanism based on agreements between member states, according to the MIT report.

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