Bruce Willis' wife posted a tearful video

Bruce Willis’ wife posted a tearful video

Bruce Willis In March, he informed his fans that he had been diagnosed with aphasia, which prompted him to announce his retirement from acting, giving up his career. Since then, everyone has wondered how they tolerate the disease and how their daily lives go.

Bruce Willis tries to live his daily life in peace

Bruce Willis was recently photographed playing basketball and then his wife posted the news of her being woken up by her husband on the morning of her birthday. These days, the actor has been dealing with his wife, accompanied by his love here, with whom he wants to spend as much time as possible. Now again His wife got a lens for it Bruce Willist.

In the last photo, Bruce Willis is not alone, he also has an 8-year-old daughter, Evelyn Benn, who is a Siberian husky. The dog gave them funny moments when he started screaming and amusing his owners. In the video, Bruce Willis is sitting on a stone wall in their leafy green yard, while Evelyn is sitting next to her fluffy puppy.

“An amazing roar surrounds us”

Bruce Willis’ wife wrote for the video.

Their kids love Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Emma have two daughters together, Evelyn and Mabel Ray. In addition to this, the actor has three other children from his ex-wife, Demi Moore, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis. Emma previously posted about Bruce Willis and their daughters on Father’s Day, with poignant lines:

“Happy Father’s Day to this cheerful, loving, kind, generous girl. We just love her”

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wrote in the caption.

Picture from the video over here You can check it.

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