Britney Spears' dad can be put on his knees by Netflix

Britney Spears’ dad can be put on his knees by Netflix

The broadcast provider announced that they are also making a documentary about Jimmy Spears, who dominates the singer’s life.

American singer Britney Spears is an American Producer at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas Photo: MTI / EPA

It seems the show business will not leave Britney Spears alone, and now Netflix has also announced that it is making its own series about the singer, which will be mostly about her relationship with her father, focusing on what it means to the pop star that Jimmy Spears has been dealing with for years with his fortune. Britney’s Fight for Freedom will be filmed by director Irene Lee Carr, but it is not yet known to what extent Britney herself will contribute, or could contribute to the content at all. Harper’s Bazaar.

Although the smell smells like piracy, for the first time the media does not try to hide the singer, but is holding those who really ruin the career and life of the star. How this will help Britney hopefully will be revealed soon.

Falling star

It has become apparent to almost the entire world that the mental problems that Britney Spears had with her in her twenties have not gone away to this day, and that may certainly be the reason why last November the court did not end Britney’s tenure, his father, Jimmy Spears, who also runs the estate the singer. However, the coin has two sides, including Framing Britney Spears first appearing a few weeks ago in a documentary series designed to show how a career has been built before our eyes, has collapsed, and what are the downsides of a career that has been consciously built since childhood. .

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With the hashtag #freebritney, a community has already been formed that wants to raise its voice against this phenomenon. But what does all this mean?

The movement has been around for a while, but it’s now joined by the celebrities who recently sat in front of TV to see what it’s about. The series shows how the singer escaped media circus, paparazzi and exhaustion, as well as how Britney’s life was spiritually paralyzed by her control-obsessed father, Jimmy, who is almost under her “tutelage” to this day.

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