British teams can perform in Hungary without a visa

British teams can perform in Hungary without a visa

The British government has announced which countries have agreed to hold visa-free concerts for British bands. Nineteen countries have been identified where British teams can enter visa-free even after Brexit, Hungary is one of those countries, he writes flaming. The agreement is bilateral, that is, it also applies to Hungarian bands and artists if they want to perform in Great Britain.

Under the agreement, British bands and performers do not need a work permit or visa for short tour periods in these 19 European countries, meaning to tour for less than three months. In addition to Hungary, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden are visa-free. The list is not yet final, and negotiations are underway with Spain, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus.

Brexit was followed by serious attacks on the British government by the music scene, saying a possible visa requirement would make it impossible for British performers. Elton John He also urged an early agreement now reached.

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