British ranchers in trouble euronews

Sophie Hope is one of the UK entrepreneurs whose business has been put at risk by Brexit. Farms raise thousands of pigs, but processing plants do not have enough skilled labor after many immigrants had to leave the country.

“It is a big struggle that causes many sleepless nights and days. The problems have been huge for months, we have reached a critical point. We need to take the butchers to the processing plants so we don’t work in vain and pick up the meat,” said the farmer, who wants an emergency visa for trained European professionals. Pig people’s dishes.”

The crisis also affects Sophie Hope’s other business, poultry farming. The farmer had to throw out hundreds of thousands of eggs because of it The supply chain is hampered by a shortage of UK labor, such as drivers.

“You employ 20 people here, they work hard every day to get the chickens to lay a lot of eggs. When they collect the eggs and then have to throw them in the trash, it is very frustrating for all of us,” Hope said.

Euronews’ correspondent on the site, Luke Hanrahan, says pig and poultry farming is one of the activities hampered by a labor shortage in the European Union, which is one of the reasons these animals are growing faster than others. Experts fear that UK cattle and sheep farmers will soon face problems due to a shortage of butchers migrating from the European Union. The British government is aware of the problem and has said it is working closely with the relevant sectors to find a solution.

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