British police confirmed the discovery of the body of a woman who went missing while walking her dog in a river

February 20, 2023 – 6:56 PM

A plea for the loss of Nicola Polley and the yellow ribbons on a bridge over the River Wyre – Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP

Andras Ivan

The body of Nicola Polley, who went missing at the end of January, was found in the River Weir on Sunday, it was announced. According to Sky News After the Lancashire Police identified the body. The 45-year-old mother disappeared at St Michael’s in Wyre on January 27 and the case has caused an uproar in the UK ever since.

The woman was walking her dog in her usual way when she disappeared. The most likely explanation from the start was that the woman had fallen into the nearby river, but this wasn’t backed up by much: her phone and dog harness were found on a bench by the river, the dog wasn’t acting agitated, people walking nearby didn’t hear anything, no Spray, no screaming. We have written more about the issue in this article.

Police earlier said their main hypothesis was that she fell into the river, but Polly’s friends and family said there was nothing to support that theory. The family hired a team of researchers who investigated the case with the police, and its boss issued a skeptical statement early on that he believed the woman’s body was not in the river.

Finally, on Sunday, after a tip-off, the police found a body about one and a half kilometers from the place where the woman had disappeared. The identification was completed on Monday evening.

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