British Home Secretary: Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians could settle in Britain

Priti Patel said in a briefing sent to the House of Commons in London on Monday night that the British government would give every British citizen and anyone else legally resident in Britain the opportunity to bring their immediate relatives who live in the UK to Britain.

According to Patel, this measure alone will allow hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens to seek employment and obtain public employment in Britain.

The British Home Secretary said the government has also allowed immediate relatives of British nationals living in Ukraine who need a visa to enter the UK to the temporary reception facility in Lviv, Ukraine, and to British visa departments in Hungary, Poland, Moldova and Romania can also apply for a visa. to the United Kingdom.

According to Priti Patel, the British government has redirected a “flood” of processing staff to these locations in recent weeks, and visa applications will be processed within hours.

The British Home Secretary added:

The British government also relaxed the English language proficiency requirements for relevant Ukrainian citizens and the minimum wage required for incorporation.

According to him, if the family members of some British nationals in Ukraine do not meet the standard eligibility requirements but pass the security check, the UK Home Office for Visas and Immigration will issue a residence permit in the UK for twelve months in disregard of applicable immigration laws. Rules.

However, the British government will extend until at least December 2022 the residence permit for Ukrainians working on a temporary work permit in certain sectors of the British economy.

After British membership in the European Union ceased, the British government introduced new immigration regulations, which use a system of registration criteria based primarily on qualifications and English language skills to assess foreigners’ applications to settle and work in the UK, regardless of whether they are. From the European Union or anywhere else.

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