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British government party entered Sato –

British government party entered Sato –

Chris Mason BBC It is political propaganda in the resignation letter of Oyver Dowden, the British Conservative Party co-chairman, which he presented to the Prime Minister after the fiasco in the party’s provisional elections. In fact, the leadership of the Conservative Party is more reminiscent of a type of party leadership role, in which this leader is primarily responsible for election campaigns. Although Dwayne maintains that he still trusts Prime Minister Boris Johnson, members of his team listen deeply when asked about it.

The financial times Johnson’s leadership sank into another crisis after the party lost its by-elections in Tiverton and Honiton in Devon, southwest England, and West Yorkshire’s constituency in Wakefield. The party was the first in the hands of the Conservative Party since its creation in 1997, and was invaded by the pro-EU centrist Liberal Democrats, a significant improvement over the party’s race in the 2019 parliamentary elections. Labor regained the latter after sweeping nearly 13 percent of the vote Back and forth in the two elections.

Keir Starmer, Labor Chairman, and Simon Lightwood, Wakefield County’s winning party nominee.

There is nothing here to see! or there

In both counties, provisional elections had to be held because a in power Conservative politicians resigned over a privacy scandal. The Conservatives have also had a worse chance at the so-called party gate, which means those working around government have had many house parties during the most severe lockdowns. As a result, a party vote of confidence was held in Johson, which he won by a relatively modest majority.

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The prime minister’s reaction seems to explain the electoral failure primarily due to the hardships of living caused by high inflation. When asked if he would resign because of this, he replied: Do not yet look for a bird! The popularity of each ruling party declines during his tenure and is in the middle of his tenure in which his government is now. The opposition, of course, is assessing the results with the Conservative Party dropping their political gunpowder, and the people are tired of their rule.

Conservatives can be nervous

The BBC His expert argues that if anti-government sentiment persists, conservatives will be threatened with a kind of political blockade. The Liberal Democrats’ tendency to win over Conservative constituencies may continue in castle southwest England, while Labor will take back the northern England constituencies it lost in 2019 because it did not stand up to the blue-collar Brexit battalion that survives. there. The resignation of the co-chair may increase their tension.

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