British drivers in the European Union can get away with speeding

British drivers in the European Union can get away with speeding

EU member states cannot penalize drivers with UK license plates for rushing after the UK pulls out, along with Brexit, from directing enforcement across borders.

In France alone, nearly half a million British motorists break speed limits rules every year. The French authorities are losing an annual return of 60 million euros due to the changed administrative situation. It’s also part of the story that due to Brexit, British police cannot punish EU citizens who break into their land as well. However, the situation is not so simple.

The rules still allow the police to impose fines on the spot, so the immunity only applies to amounts awarded on the basis of recordings made with speed cameras. Also, if someone is guilty of rules behind the wheel of a rental car, the renter pays the penalty along with the guilty driver.

At the moment, the full immunity of EU territory cannot be considered final, as the United Kingdom and France are negotiating an agreement to allow cross-border enforcement. If another European country followed this example, British drivers could still receive fines for speeding.

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