Britain is at the forefront of renewable energy production

Last year was a difficult year for the energy sector, as gas and oil prices skyrocketed, which in turn contributed to higher electricity prices. Among other reasons, wind power in Great Britain in 2022 has reached a new peak. Wind farms generated more than a quarter of the island nation’s electricity last year, according to new data.

The British government signed a deal that would keep two coal-fired power plants as a backup in case they were needed because the country could not get enough gas. But that hasn’t stopped carbon-neutral energy sources, which include nuclear power, from making up a much larger share of the country’s electricity mix than fossil fuels.

In 12 months, carbon-free electricity accounted for 48.5% of the total, compared to 40% for gas and coal.

– he writes in his article

The lion’s share of green electricity came from onshore and offshore wind turbines. Overall, 26.8% of Britain’s electricity came from wind, second only to gas, which produced 38.5% of the total. Nuclear power was responsible for 15.5% of production, and biomass – which includes the burning of wood pellets in power plants – contributed 5.2% of the annual amount of electricity. Solar power generates 4.4%, while coal plants produce 1.5% of the UK’s electricity.

The use of coal in the daily energy mix continued to decline, in 2022 coal accounted for only 1.5% of production, which clearly shows the significant decline that occurred during the past ten years, when in 2012 coal accounted for 43% of the electricity produced Put it through .

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In Great Britain, February was the greenest month since records began, with just 126 grams of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of electricity. The greenest day was December 28, with 52 grams of carbon dioxide. For the first time in November, wind farms generated more than 20 gigawatts of electricity, a record that was broken again in December.


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