Britain has taken a big step towards catching up in women’s football

The British Football Association (FA) and Britain’s Barclays Bank have agreed to support women’s football in the island nation with £30m over three years. The volume of sponsorship from the 2022-23 season until the end of 2024-25 is a record in the history of women’s sports sponsorship in the island region, writes guardian.

Barclays has been known to have been the naming partner of the men’s division 1, the English Premier League, since 2001, but it is only known to those who follow women’s football that they have the same agreement with the British women’s division one. Super League in 2019. Since her professionalism.

The Arsenal women’s team is happy. The image was cropped. (The original appears in the Women’s Super League channel title on Twitter.)

The new contract will extend this partnership until 2025, but Barclays will from now on bear the name of the Women’s Division II (similar to the men’s championship) and will also support the education of the women’s youth, ie the girls’ championships. £30m is double the value of the previous women’s football contract.

An important branch of youth education is the FA Girls’ Football School Partnership, which aims to provide equal access to soccer for girls in primary and secondary schools in the island nation. This has also been sponsored by Barclays since 2019, and the new contract also provides for continued support. So far, more than 12,000 UK schools have joined the initiative, with the goal of engaging 20,000 schools by 2024.

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