Britain does not want a quick peace in Ukraine

In the interview, Liz Truss said that a peace in which Russian soldiers remain on Ukrainian soil is unacceptable because she expects Moscow not to abide by any agreement in the long term. He believes that the Minsk Agreement was used only by the Russians after 2014 to mobilize their forces and attack Ukraine with their full force.

Truss believes that the Ukrainian government wants to take back all the occupied territories, and this is where Britain supports the Kyiv leadership.

They should be supported in this, not in a quick peace deal in exchange for ceding territory

– Liz Truss said, then added that Russia should be removed from the territory of Ukraine and not allowed to use military aggression against other countries again.

He also said that he has been very open to Russia economically so far, so Moscow’s access to certain technological tools should be restricted in the long term.

Welt journalists also asked Truss if he thought there was a real chance for Ukraine to recover all of its territory, including Crimea. Truss said Ukraine needed more support from Britain and hoped other countries would follow suit.

He added that they will be with Ukraine for the long term, even if the conflict continues for up to 10 years.

Cover photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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