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Britain appears to have achieved herd immunity

The coronavirus epidemic in Britain is no longer nationwide, according to Tim Spector, head of the department of epidemiology at Kings College London. The Hungarian nation. According to the data, the island country has achieved herd immunity.

The researcher told Britain’s Sky News commercial news on Friday that they calculated that there is now, on average, only one in a thousand chances of contracting the Coronavirus, leading to symptoms of Covid-19. Spector added that Britain has already overcome the difficulty of the epidemic, The country is entering a period characterized by low incidence of local foci that do not cover a larger population. The expert also spoke about a major change in epidemiological statistics: in January, about seventy thousand new infections were recorded in one day, and in recent days the number of new patients did not reach three thousand.

Two nurses speak over a memorial wall in honor of the British victims of the coronavirus pandemic in central London on April 27, 2021.Source: MTI / EPA / Andy Rain

The risk will never be zero, but the data shows that we have achieved herd immunity

Professor explained.

In Britain, about twenty million people are already living in regions where no deaths due to Coronavirus infection were recorded throughout the month of April. In January, fewer than fifty thousand people lived in such a region. Statistics also showed that the number of coronavirus infections was significantly lower in regions where no deaths were reported in April. The newspaper wrote that these areas include Scotland and many counties in the southeast of England, the north-east of England and the northwest of England.

I am concerned about the elderly who have already received the two vaccinations. They should be more free, they should meet each other

Spector, who does not agree with the government’s decision, added that strict restrictions remain in place in the country.

ClarificationSource: Anadolu Agency via Agence France-Presse / 2021 Anadolu Agency / Hassan Essen

According to the government website, members of different families can only meet each other in limited numbers and, if possible, encourage them to work from home. Prominent politicians continue to call on people to adhere to the epidemiological rules, and if notified, they go get the vaccine. Confidence in vaccines has also been growing in the UK since the end of last year. According to a recent survey by King’s College London, more than eighty percent of those surveyed believe that vaccines are safe and effective. At the end of 2020, only seventy percent of respondents thought so about vaccines.

In the United Kingdom, more than fifty per cent of the population received their first dose of vaccination against the Coronavirus.

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