Britain and Israel are fighting together to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power

The clock is ticking, which increases the need for close cooperation with our partners and friends in order to thwart Tehran’s ambitions, read the article by State Department leaders.

According to the Telegraph, Israel and Britain are set to sign a ten-year cooperation agreement on Monday, covering issues of cybersecurity, technology, trade and defense.

In their article, Lapid and Truss stressed that through the agreement, Israel would be Britain’s number one partner in cybersecurity in a world increasingly dangerous due to such threats.

Incidentally, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett described it on Sunday as deeply worrying that major powers are considering suspending sanctions against the Iranian regime in exchange for unsatisfactory restrictions on its nuclear program. The prime minister spoke again on the issue of which talks on reviving the so-called nuclear deal under the auspices of the United Nations are scheduled to resume in Vienna on Monday.

In 2015, after more than a decade of negotiations, the leading powers in Iran and the world – the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia – agreed on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Under the deal, Tehran restricted its nuclear activities, and in return, the international community lifted most sanctions on Iran. On the other hand, former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal in 2018 and then lifted previous sanctions, prompting Iran to start producing more uranium than is allowed.

Negotiations to revive the nuclear deal began in Vienna in April, but were halted after Ebrahim Raisi took office in Iran.

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