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Brilliant concrete bounce – tuning Polski Fiat 126P – car engine

Brilliant concrete bounce – tuning Polski Fiat 126P – car engine
Performance at Essen Motorshow: The car enters the biggest and smallest beauty pageant. Photo: Rainer Shim/Miss Essen

Absolutely, for the sake of a German existence, who comes to mind to own a Little Polszki and even rebuild it professionally? Maybe some old “endek” who wants to hear the sound of a 24hp air-cooled engine reminiscent of a nostalgic mill? Well, but why did he rebuild it in the finest German tuning traditions, leaving it to the factory. Many people ask why 36-year-old Patrick, who has not one, but two Polski Fiat 126Ps in his barn right away—because it’s a farming family.

The air suspension tank and valves were placed in the former stem

So Patrick started out as an ordinary German player, went for a Golf 1 storyline, built an absolutely stunning Opel Corsa B, and then entered the Polsky era. First brown yellow, then came the second, green. For this it says that this is version 2.0. Unsurprisingly, they found a car for sale on the Internet, found in Poland, traveled with his girlfriend and took home a very good white Kispolák after driving 1000 km.

Even the Japanese can envy this tendency

Plan 2.0 also included a regular class name because Patrick had dangerously widened the rear fenders. Welding was also a pipe fitting, and even an overhaul of the undercarriage. Because the air spring system, which ordered its components from England, but the integration of the system itself, needs space. As he said, due to the small space, the biggest headache was caused by the compressor installation. While in his yellow car, he dumped all the plastic elements, here he put a special honeycomb carbon on the roof. But that’s also under varnish, it’s quite the flashy solution. The color was placed on unique steel fenders in green and black instead of plastic and a spoiler on the bonnet.

The owner can almost hug his car. The significant impact on the car is caused by the rims, planting and widening

However, in the cabin, it was charred properly, even with the steering wheel. The instrument panel is carbureted, and the side covers are in the rear seat. However, he originally left the seats, and thinks they are very comfortable, he doesn’t miss the headrest either. Both the engine compartment and the engine are smooth, but the performance is unchanged, only the exhaust specs. He attached three-piece rims, 7″ x 13″ in the front and 8″ x 13″ in the rear.
It is recognized that Kispolszki transcendental hobby and car show. Patrick used his fairly well-decorated Mercedes CLA 45 Shooting Brake every day. However, he said, only the small electrodes help relieve stress. Precisely because there is nothing extra in it, you can almost directly feel the asphalt grains, which makes driving it a very good experience. Since the power and the four-speed transmission only give the truck greater dynamics, it also makes driving quieter.

The little green car in Manila can almost lower its stomach to the ground

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