Brexit: Hungarian students will be the big losers

Brexit: Hungarian students will be the big losers

Michelle Donnellan, UK Minister of Higher Education, over the summer Advertise Changes in the authorities of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss students starting their studies in the academic year 2021/22. The tuition fee for these students could so far rise from £ 9,250 to £ 50,000 and they would forfeit their student loan entitlement in full.

In 2010 the Conservative and Liberal Democrat governments voted to abolish the £ 3,000 cap on university tuition fees, which tripled the average value set by universities in two years. The case caused outrage among students like now, but thanks to full student loan coverage The number of applicants has decreased only to the minimum In the following years.

In contrast, the current drastic change could indicate a decrease of up to 84% in the number of applicants from the European Union, because canceling student loans would make it impossible for European students from less economically developed countries to continue their studies.

So far, there have been different tuition fees in the member states of the United Kingdom, but the same case of support has been applied to both EU students and locals. The above tuition fees in England and Wales were the same, while higher education in Scotland was and remains free.

Some Hungarian students can say goodbye to London (illustration. Depositphotos)

Under the Student Loan Program that was introduced in 2006, the English Language State It covered 60 to 70 percent of the European Union students studying in Wales and England. The loan program was so popular, with a repayment rate of 25 percent in the SOE’s draft lender. As a result, most students never pay the full amount, as their annual application did not reach the reimbursement threshold for a long time in the 30-year statute of limitations period.

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