Brexit - Agreements Reached on Terms of Future Bilateral Relations New Word

Brexit – Agreements Reached on Terms of Future Bilateral Relations New Word


The Prime Minister’s Office in London said on Thursday that an agreement had been reached on the terms of the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The full text of the roughly 2,000-page agreement is expected to be published in the coming days. According to Downing Street on Thursday, a free trade agreement was also reached on the basis of duty-free and quota-free trade within the comprehensive agreement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman confirmed that this was the first free trade agreement of its kind that the EU had entered into with a third country, and for both parties it was the most valuable bilateral free trade agreement to date.

The authority noted that trade between the United Kingdom and the European Union amounted to 668 billion pounds last year.

The spokesperson also confirmed that from next Friday, after the end of an 11-month transition period following the end of Britain’s membership in the European Union in January (Brexit), the UK will end the EU’s freedom of movement for people and apply the points-scoring system that applies. Equal to all. Sets immigration regulations on the basis of

Under the UK’s new immigration rules, which take effect next week, EU citizens living legally and normally in the UK can continue to stay with all the rights they had. To do this, they must apply to the British authorities for an indefinite residence permit, which is a formal legal status; The deadline for submission is June 30, 2021.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom at a news conference Thursday evening after the agreement was announced.

He put it this way: even though the UK has left the EU, it remains culturally, emotionally, historically, strategically and geographically linked to Europe, not least because the four million EU citizens living in the UK have already applied for a fixed position. And make a significant contribution to the life of the country.

However, from the first day of next year, Uniform Immigration Rules will come into effect for newcomers from EU and non-EU countries, which will judge incorporation applications using a system of registration criteria, based primarily on applicants’ qualifications and English language skills.

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on January 31. On the day of his departure, a transition period began until December 31, just one week later, with the aim of allowing time to agree on the terms of the future bilateral system, in particular the Free Trade Agreement.

However, no agreement was reached in previous rounds of negotiations. The heated debate between London and the European Union has been on the issue of equal opportunity and fisheries regulation, and about legal tools that can be used to enforce and punish potential breaches of the contract if an agreement is reached.

Even in recent days, Boris Johnson has regularly stated that he is more likely to fail to reach an agreement than to be able to agree on the terms of a future bilateral relationship.

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The British prime minister had set October 15 as the deadline for the deal, arguing that he saw no chance of a bilateral free trade agreement at a later date.

However, even after this deadline of more than two months, the British and EU delegations held several rounds of talks in London and Brussels. In addition, British Prime Minister and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had several face-to-face telephone meetings.

From the negotiating delegates’ environment early Thursday night, there was news that the last obstacles to the agreement were likely to be removed during the day.

Non-compliance with the agreement meant that trade between the UK and the EU would continue from January 1, that is, from next Friday, under the general rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which in turn would have led to the introduction of tariffs into trade.

This breakthrough is in large part the result of the compromise reached in the fisheries debate.

At a press conference in Downing Street on Thursday evening, Boris Johnson said the agreement would increase the UK’s share of catch in British territorial waters from around 50 per cent in five and a half years to nearly two-thirds, followed by Elm. And environmental considerations and conservation of the environment, where the quantitative limits were abolished in principle.

In the case of dispute settlement and the legislative mechanism, according to London information, the British goal that the Court of Justice of the European Union should not have jurisdiction over the British legislative process has been achieved.

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The agreement must also be approved by the British Parliament and the European Parliament.

The British government announced Thursday night that the House of Commons in London will discuss and vote on the agreement with the European Union at an extraordinary meeting on December 30.


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