Brewer once again told the editor: I don't have to entertain me much with stupid posts because I'd be angry too

Brewer once again told the editor: I don’t have to entertain me much with stupid posts because I’d be angry too

The Weekly TV manager spoke about the current affairs of his TV and also responded to the recording of the former Test Master.

The guest political amateur on Pesti Tv was Péter Breuer, the founding editor of the only Jewish TV in Europe, Heti TV, who has been in the news in recent days due to his struggle with Péter Niedermüller.

“If I am a proud Israeli Hungarian Jew, I can’t do sexy TV” Brewer said about TV of the week. Speaking about his life, he narrated about his opposition in 1973 because of “You can get pneumonia in lukewarm waterThen he “invented himself” in Israel to return home upon request after thirty years.

Then he worked at Weekly TV, in the Elizabeth City ghetto, where he was sitting on a “very difficult job footing”.

In response to István Vágó, who was perplexed that television compared Niedermüllers to the events of 1932 in Germany, Breuer said he carried the gene of his parents, who survived World War II, learned history and thus linked it to his own. Maybe also a little too strongly, for what happened 90 years ago.

“There is a wonderful test master who is controlling all of this, and pumping it. Even now, he told another TV that you“ protect your Jews, but you can’t describe his name. ”Well, for example, I think the editors showed him what he had to say. So I tell him I don’t have to To entertain me a lot with stupid posts because I’ll be angry too, and I’ll start writing the posts and then we can go to court ” – Breuer supposedly sent a letter to Estvan Fago.

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a On display There was also talk of the difference between new and non-religious Jews and their relationship to the right-wing, and about Donald Trump and Joe Biden, whom Breuer declined to name.

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