Breast milk instead of breast milk - not an easy situation in the US

Breast milk instead of breast milk – not an easy situation in the US

There is no shortage of baby food in the United States, the mother has now decided to sell breast milk to those who need it.

Last week, reported that There is a severe shortage of infant formula in the United States After several major illnesses and deaths prompted the manufacturer to recall its products nationwide.

In the week of April 24, CNN and USA Today reported that there was already a 60 percent shortage of baby food at more than 11,000 stores in six southern states as a result of panic-like acquisitions.

In order to prevent formula buildup, many retailers and wholesalers have limited the amount of formula that can be purchased at the same time. Abbott product recalls

Especially affecting families in need,

that participate in the food program for low-income families, where the manufacturer was the sole supplier to more than half of the agencies running the program.

Buying and selling unregulated breast milk

Now Utah Fox 13 Salt Lake City She mentioned that one mother decided to sell the breast milk that had been stored in her refrigerator to those who needed it. Because he thought that he was slowly running out of storage space, he was more likely to help others. He first wanted to donate the entire stock to a local dairy bank, then decided to go online.

One breast milk bank reported that more than 300 donors were needed to meet the needs of the community, but there were only 175 donors.

The donor screening process takes an average of four to six weeks, which means that if hundreds of women apply for a voluntary donor each day, it will take months for the bank to meet the needs.

Fox13 notes that buying and selling breast milk online is perfectly legal in the United States, but it is not regulated. For example, if breast milk was purchased directly from individuals or online, the FDA said the donor may not have been screened for infectious disease or risk of infection.

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