Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in The Maestro Part 1 on Netflix

cinema news – Bradley Cooper He is going through a major transformation to become a legendary leader in his new Netflix movie.

The makeup department will no doubt get some recognition during awards season, as Bradley Cooper won’t be recognized in Netflix’s new biographical drama Maestro. In the film, Cooper will take on the role of Leonard Bernstein, a famous conductor, composer, and writer. Bernstein was considered one of the most influential conductors of his day, and became one of the first American conductors to gain international recognition. He received numerous awards throughout his life, including seven Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, and sixteen Grammy Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. Bernstein is best known for his musical West Side Story on Broadway, which is still played around the world to this day.

The photos show that we will be able to see Bernstein in different stages of his life. This required a huge amount of work from the makeup artists, who had to improve the conductor’s appearance as he got older. Various reports have confirmed that filming began this month, more than a year after original expectations. The release date is expected to be 2023 at the earliest.

After the critical success of his directorial debut in 2018, One Star Born, Bradley Cooper wants to repeat that success with the maestro once again. Before he ended up with Cooper, the movie was rolled out with several different directors. The project was originally developed by Paramount Pictures and directed by Martin Scorsese. However, Scorsese had to take a step back to focus on another beloved movie, The Irishman. Steven Spielberg had the opportunity to direct the film, but he handed the responsibility over to Cooper after One Star Is Born was shown. The project went to Netflix in 2020, where it has been in development ever since.

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Cooper will star in Carey Mulligan, who plays Felicia Montenegrin, Bernstein’s wife. Next to him, Jeremy Strong will be John Gruen as an American art critic and composer. Maya Hawke will play Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard Bernstein. The film was produced by Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, and the script was written by Bradley Cooper. While we’ll have to wait a while until the movie’s premiere, we can still hope for a trailer standing in front of us.

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