Boxing: Fury Boxes with Wilder first, then Joshua

Boxing: Fury Boxes with Wilder first, then Joshua

Both signed the deal, giving third world heavyweight champion (WBC) Tyson Fury and former belt owner Deontay Wilder of the United States to face off for the third time in Las Vegas on July 24, MTI wrote.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are fighting again (Image: AFP)


According to an ESPN report, the agreement between the two parties also means they can only be held later than planned. Tyson Fury The other three major organizations, IBF, WBA and WBO, Anthony Joshua He has planned his fight for Saudi Arabia for the United Nations World Heavyweight Championship title, which was recently announced on August 14.

anger Deontay Wilder They played against each other for the first time in December 2018, and their fight ended in a draw. In their second match last February, the British beat the Americans, winning their WBC belt. The 32-year-old Fury has had thirty wins and one draw in his professional career, while the 34-year-old Wilder has had 42 draws and one defeat in addition to his success.

“Wilder is an idiot who will get his punishment again. I’ll break it up again, followed by Anthony Joshua. He has a big mouth, but his words are empty. I’ll meet him until this year, but first he’ll be followed by Deontay Wilder, who I’ll take out, and then I’ll deal with that other guy right away.” MTI quoted Fury as saying.

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