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BOX – SCIENCE – How often has there been a dog show in Buda?

BOX – SCIENCE – How often has there been a dog show in Buda?

565 years ago, on January 24, 1458, Matthias Hunyadi, one of the most successful rulers of Hungary, was elected King of the Danube Ice. Matthias, who had a brilliant career as a just and fabled hero, not only fought successfully against the Turks, but also captured Vienna. The medieval Kingdom of Hungary was the last great power during his reign. Now you can test how well you know one of the most famous rulers of Hungary.

Before the coronation of Matthias, King Laszlo V died young and in circumstances unknown to this day, there was no successor, which is why the battle of the pretenders to the throne began. Conditions deteriorated between the followers of the king and the people of Hunyadi, as the Turks threatened the country. Mihaly Szilajje (son-in-law of Janos Hunyadi), who was the head of Hunyadi’s party, made an agreement with Laszlo Garay, Palatine of the country, that Matthias would marry his daughter if Garay helped Matthias to the throne.

Szilágyi arrived at Rákosmező near Pest with an army of several thousand Hunyadians, and thus put pressure on the barons assembled in the castle, who voted in favor of Mátyás. On January 24, 1458, a meeting of the commoners to elect a king took place on the frozen Danube, at which Matthias Hunyadi was proclaimed king, but 15-year-old Matthias was still in Prague at that time. Because of his young age, he was elected governor for five years by his uncle, Mihaly Zelagy, who set out with his army for the frontier to take over Matthias from the Czech king.

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King Matthias’ coronation was also delayed by the Third Holy Crown. It was with the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick, but four years after he was elected king, an agreement was reached with the third. With Frigyes, if Mátyás had no son, the Hungarian crown would pass to the Habsburgs.

Thus Matthias regained the crown and, on March 29, 1464, was crowned king in Székesfehérvár.

The most important steps under Matthias include, among others, the consolidation of centralized royal power, financial reforms, the development of the southern outpost system, and the organization of a standing mercenary army. Although he imposed several new taxes, the epithet “Righteous” stuck with him, as he wanted to remedy the grievances of the lords during his tours of the country, and thus became one of the stars of the treasury of Hungarian folklore. Just think of Mátyás the Kopláló, Once Upon a Dog Fair in Buda, King Mátyás’ golden-haired lamb or Mátyás’ servants. With this quiz you can test how well you know one of the most famous Hungarian kings.

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(Cover photo: Matthias Hunyadi. Photo: Wikipedia)