Bottas bid farewell to Mercedes with a feeling of inferiority


Thursday, December 9, 2021, 5:35 pm


Like many pilots, Valtteri Bottas has his last race of the weekend with his current team. The Finnish contestant also spoke about the past and present.

After five years, ten victories and twenty first places, he said goodbye to the current team of Valtteri Bottas, defending champion Mercedes. Although the Finn driver has been confident in the jump for months, the Silver Arrows still have work to do as the fate of the two championships remains in the finals.

As a loyal racer and teammate, Bottas is of course preparing for the weekend in that spirit. You want to leave the world champion as many beautiful memories as possible, and this can be explained in two ways. On the one hand, as I spoke before, with the success of the team. “Looking at the weekend, I hope first of all that both of the championship titles are ours. We are focused on this now, but the preparations are no different than ever,” the Mercedes captain began at Thursday’s press conference, which was also attended by .

Of course, he also wants to say goodbye to the individual, but he will surely adjust his plans with the status of the World Cup hopefuls – although he indicated that first place does not guarantee the title. “My attitude from the weekend hasn’t changed, I’m focused on my own performance. I’ll try to get first on Saturday and then win the race. Of course, a lot depends on the situation. Lewis doesn’t really have to win the race, it’s enough to finish the race ahead of Max. We’ll see how it develops, but it’s clear that I’m ready to work together as a team player.” Lewis announced that he could count on me.

Hamilton has said several times that Bottas is his best teammate to date, and the Finn is also very impressed with the seven-time world champion. Before their last race together, he remembered what he owed him and how it felt to race alongside him. “What’s amazing about Lewis is her ability to develop year after year. He has a lot of experience, but he’s still learning and getting better. I’ve developed a lot as a pilot, but he’s done it too. It doesn’t come automatically, you have to work hard for it because you know the competition is going to be more.” Tougher and tighter. He never gets comfortable, he always demands more of himself and his team. I learned a lot from him, both in terms of leadership and settings,” Bottas praised his teammate.

But it wasn’t him alone, it was the entire Mercedes that taught him – although he admitted he couldn’t leave the team in completely good taste. “I have mixed feelings. When I joined them in 2017, the only thing that crossed my mind was winning the singles world title. It didn’t happen… but I have to look at the positives. I’ve developed a lot as a rider and as an individual, and we’ve achieved great things together,” Bottas commented. On his years at Mercedes.

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