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Both Pele and Cubias were guarded by Csorna Vagany

Both Pele and Cubias were guarded by Csorna Vagany

He played only 22 matches in NB I for Vasas, and scored one goal in them – being a defender. However, more articles of praise have been published about him than those who spent years at the front. The great talent of Ernie Kovac from Our Fractures – who is often called by everyone in football circles as Bale – has never been disputed, but life has brought him so much in the First Division that he believes he owes it to himself in the first place. Perhaps that’s why he’s somewhat satisfied with his career, with all that it included: He was a member of the 1972/73 NB I bronze medalist and MNK-winning team, he’s been on great tours abroad, and he’s had a lot of experiences. He says no one else has had this much good.

As of today, he’s the “Seventy,” at least he has something to remember.

Before the match against Tabania. Arne Kovacs with two on the left next to goalkeeper Mizaros

“I inherited my love for football from my father, who was also a football player. At the age of thirteen I played in the youth team of our Ksorna, and after one year I managed to make my debut in the first division team of the province run by my uncle Ferry Grimola. I played in Match for the first time in the fall of 1967, a farewell match between Istvan Kochis, who was leaving for Bates, and my brother, Laios Kovacs, who joined UEFA, and Istvan Marcos. After that, I became a permanent member of the “Egben” team, and joined To the county, regional and then national youth team led by Ferenc Machus, he remembers the beginnings.
Makos took him to Angel Land in 1970.
“I became a player for Vasas FC at the age of 17. Among the footballers like Kálmán Mészöly and János Farkas, the world or the European national team, there were also many players for the Hungarian national team outside the team. With the exception of Australia and Japan, I was able to travel in all Almost all over the world, I’ve been to North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. I’ve gone to places that few Hungarians can afford even fifty years later, not to mention the fact that there was hard socialism at the time… Plus, I was able to play soccer foot”.

A trip to Peru. Ernő Kovács is second from the right in the first row. Photo: Vasas FC

Among the greats of that time, the world-famous Brazilian Pele and the Peruvian Cubias took. The latter happened in 1971. In Lima, in front of more than 60 thousand spectators, the opponent was the local favorite, Alianza Lima. In this match, Vas Mezaros – Otto Faraday, Mizzoli, Ern Kovacs, Ihas – Muller, Lackinger – Molnar (Popus), Puskas, Farkas, Bella Faraday beat the Peruvian stars by three to two.
“Compared to the conditions at home, we had a lot of money, enough for life to take us in the wrong direction. I went the same way: booze, women and nights out are not really friendly to footballers, which is why I had to leave Vasas at the age of twenty-one.”
He joined the MÁV DAC NB I/Bs team in Győr, where he was recruited as a soldier at Schönherz in Veszprém, and then returned to his hometown, Csorna, via Fűzfő and Soproni Textiles.
“Here we were able to win the county championship under the brother’s leadership. Not long after that, I hung the spear on a nail. I worked as a coach at Barbac, then in my coaching association, in Csorna, then in Kapuvár, Jánossomorja and Farád.”
In fact, he didn’t stop playing football, he got kicked in the “boys school” gym until the gym closed recently. Since then, he has been cycling.

At the end of his career, he returned to our fractions, where he also worked as a coach.

“In addition, I live the daily life of a retiree. I don’t feel well now because my thigh hurts, but after playing football a lot it has become normal. Many of my old teammates have already died, only a few Vasas from That time.Among them, I’m more in touch with a king from Kumjati, I was in the provincial youth team with him and we were also in Fez at the same time. Twice a year Felcsút invites you to VIP hostel. I enjoy this, although I’m not interested in politics. Friends came in That day, and with them we looked at old newspaper articles and photos. They talked about the beautiful places I visited and who I played football with. They saw that I had something to tell him about…” Finally mentioned Ernie Kovacs, who celebrates his 70th birthday today.

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