Boris Johnson scored a painful victory

Late Monday night, 359 people voted in a no-confidence vote in Britain against their political peers against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Based on the results, Johnson won by 211 votes, while 148 voted to replace him.

Boris Johnson is the first incumbent British Prime Minister in modern British political history to face police punishment for breaking the law.

With his victory, Johnson defended himself against another similar challenge for a year, however, based on past experience and initial political reactions, the British political leader could not stay in office for long after similar torture.

After several questionable steps, Johnson arrived on the runway to see his crew, and he himself was celebrating the lockdown time ordered by Covid while everyone was stranded at home.

Boris Johnson was already doing that

Johnson said it is now possible to finally break past tensions and do whatever is planned for the country’s benefit among the Conservatives. This includes tackling inflation, improving public security, and strengthening the economy, which is what the British economy can tackle.
He also denied any speculation that a vote of no confidence in a British prime minister, as in the past, would lead to his downfall and early elections.

Britain’s Conservative Party held a vote of confidence on 12 December 2018 against Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May. The censure proposal was initiated largely by a hard-line camp of EU skeptics who were deeply unhappy with the deal Theresa May reached at the time on the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Theresa May won the vote after 200 members of the 317-strong Conservative Party faction voted for her. 117 voted in favor of the censure motion against Mayo.

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Johnson’s current situation is getting worse, He has just been fined by the London Police for partying in Downing Street at the time of the restrictions.

Boris Johnson is the first incumbent British Prime Minister in modern British political history to be punished for an official crime.

An administrative investigation was also conducted into the case, which found that many of the rallies had seriously violated the high standards expected of those in key positions in government, as well as standards of conduct that the British government had just expected to comply with. With anti-epidemic restrictions.

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