Boris Johnson announced that sanctions will be imposed on five Russian banks and three Russian citizens

Boris Johnson announced that sanctions will be imposed on five Russian banks and three Russian citizens

UK imposes sanctions on five Russian banks and three high-ranking figures Boris Johnson This measure was announced in the British Parliament. has it WritesThat these banks are owned by Russia:

  • Russian
  • IS . Bank
  • general bank
  • promsvyazbank
  • Black Sea Bank.

The British Prime Minister also announced the imposition of sanctions on three other people.

  • Gennady Timchenko
  • Boris Rothenberg
  • And the Igor Rothenberg.

Their British interests will be frozen and they will also be subject to a travel ban. Boris Johnson said that this is only the first step, and further action against Russia is expected.

Early this morning, we wrote: British politicians called the invasion of Russia’s operations in Ukraine.

“The Russian invasion of Russia has already begun, so Britain will start imposing sanctions,” he said. Sajid Javed Britain’s health minister, who clearly described the invasion of Russian forces into areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine then Russian President Vladimir Putin On Monday evening, the Russian President recognized the independence of these regions. “We woke up here in Europe on a very dark day. It is absolutely clear that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is determined to attack Ukraine and endanger its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the British minister said, stressing that his country had always found this unacceptable.

Russia has claimed that only peacekeepers are being sent to the region to prevent a bloodbath, but representatives of Western countries called this nonsense at the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday morning.

The Telegraph Office wrote after it was announced that five sanctioned Russian banks were involved in financing the Russian occupation, according to the Foreign Office in London, and that London would also freeze the UK’s assets of these financial institutions with immediate effect. “The Bank of Russia is particularly close to the Kremlin, and Promsvyaz Bank plays a vital role in financing Russia’s defense sector,” the British Foreign Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

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According to the British Foreign Office, Britain will extend regional sanctions already applied in Crimea to the breakaway “republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk in the coming weeks. This means that British individuals and companies will not be able to do business with these areas until these areas return to Ukrainian control.

The Foreign Office in London also said the British government was preparing for unprecedented new sanctions for further Russian aggression, including those affecting Russia’s financial and commercial sector. These will include, among other steps, the adoption of a law prohibiting the sale of Russian sovereign debt assets in British markets. “Britain will work with partner countries to effectively isolate Russia from the global economy, making it extremely difficult for Russian oligarchs and companies to operate outside Russia’s borders,” the British Foreign Office said in a resolution on Tuesday.

He was asked at the British Foreign Office on Tuesday Andre Kellent, He also informed Russia’s ambassador in London, that further sanctions are expected if Moscow does not withdraw its armed forces and fails to fulfill its international obligations.

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