Bon – They tried to track down their former classmates

“Our class began in 1968, according to my memories, with 35-40 students, under the leadership of the class teacher Mrs. Andras Vanksa (later Mrs. Dzsin Molnar). During the four years, the composition changed a little, some students left, but there were also students coming. Together we made a very good little community, which is also proven by the fact that we have kept in touch ever since,” Klára Oroszné Csillag wrote on behalf of the previous 4/5 class.

“By the time we graduated in 1972, there were only 29 of us left, 4 boys and 25 girls.

In the past 50 years, our meeting has always been held every 5 years, except for the 10th, and we are now preparing to celebrate our anniversary in September.

Unfortunately, the principal and many of our teachers are no longer alive, and four of our classmates cannot be with us.

The last two meetings and the current one are also unusual in that we tried to find our classmates who, although they did not graduate with us, but attended with us even for only one year. These meetings were a great success.

Life has allowed us to live in many parts of the world (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland), but we are always happy to meet those who visit home. In the years since, everyone’s life has evolved, starting a family, working and retiring. We are now earnestly supporting our children and grandchildren.”

(On the cover photo: The photo was taken at their 45-year meeting | Photo: from the reader)

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