Bognar: "I didn't think we'd win such a bad game";  Grooves: "Someone was afraid" - coaches review

Bognar: “I didn’t think we’d win such a bad game”; Grooves: “Someone was afraid” – coaches review

Giorgi Bognar (Baxi FC):We didn’t improve in the match in the second half, but even after 0-1 I thought we were going to win the match, I didn’t think it would be a bad match. Overall, it was an average performance from us. We managed to win the position, Bruce. We beat a good team, Puskas can play well in the match, but if we press them, they make mistakes too. Now it is in our interest that Fedi win the Hungary Cup. Success in the European stage will be important, but by the way, fourth place is also an impressive achievement. The main expectation was to stay indoors, then in the classroom we decided to be there around fifth, and now we do. (M4 Sport)

Zsolt Hornyák (Puskas Academy):Slagveer’s position was decisive in the first half as he was sent off, we could have gone 2-0 up at that time and I’m sure we could have done well. Unfortunately, the two goals that we conceded decided our fate. One was an unfortunate goal, and the second I can say is a personal one. Then we collapsed for ten minutes when we scored the third and fourth goals. In the end we got back to the match, but it was too late. At 4-1, I knew that was a huge defect again and we couldn’t do it anymore. I feel the boys took the field with confidence, everyone wanted to decide the issue of second place. But there were also those who feared this mission and the mistakes that followed it. We worked on a lot of situations. I am trying to work positively with the boys now. We had another “deaf” who withdrew ten minutes later from the two goals we got, and we have to eliminate them, but I try to treat the stories positively. I am so happy that Blisk has managed to make a comeback after his injury, which has also been seen playing the team in midfield. I was expecting two more players, but I am sure the boys will arrange themselves, we are well prepared for the final, and we will not leave any questions about second place. (M4 Sport)

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Note I: After the break, the Felixit People disbanded, and Fedy’s chance remained in second place – video

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