More than a year ago, our colleague Tamas Hamvas was able to try out a prototype of BMW's augmented reality/mixed reality glasses on a test track behind the wheel of an M2, but now the Bavarian manufacturer has shown the general public a much more realistic wearable version.

BMW took the

The glasses perfectly integrate navigation system directions, operating system warning messages, entertainment content, vehicle charging station information and visual aids that appear when the car is parked. In the future, smart devices that generate augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) will provide the driver and passengers with additional information, and they will be able to enhance the travel experience with additional content for the car's built-in displays.

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BMW has been developing AR/MR technology since 2008, and as part of its research projects, it is investing in a number of options that can be worn comfortably. For the first time, BMW engineers and their development partners have been able to statically integrate augmented reality and mixed reality content into a moving vehicle. This means that the image displayed before the eyes of the driver and passengers remains firmly grounded in reality even if driving conditions change: for example, when cornering, hard acceleration or even when driving on larger road irregularities. For this reason, engineers had to closely link the specific AR/MR smart device to the vehicle's sensor data.

This is not the first device of its kind for the BMW Group, in recent years the revolutionary MINI prototype display study was demonstrated (2015), and last year also the ConnectedRide smart glasses from BMW Motorrad were demonstrated.

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