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BMW Concept XM | Leadership

Like the BMW M1 fifty years ago, the BMW XM (or whatever the name of the production version is) will be revealed on the sports brand’s fiftieth anniversary.

Not only for this reason, the high-end sports recreational vehicle will now be of great interest, but also because of the high performance of the hybrid powertrain: the unit, built on a V8 petrol engine, will produce 750 hp and 1,000 Nm. of torque. This will be the first electric model from BMW M. BMW does not talk about driving dynamics, but it was revealed that the car will be able to run up to 80 kilometers in purely electric mode.

There has never been such a powerful BMW 2 before

The Concept XM moves from the luxury class to the luxury class and, above all, strives to emphasize it with extravagant detail. Examples include LED headlights in the windshield frame; Luminous geometric design of classic grille; stylized bonnet vent; But above all, a rear design that pays homage to the BMW M1’s signature solution, which repeats the pedestal-like protrusion at the top of the rear windshield pillar, which united the wheel drum, rear wall and roofline at the base of the windshield fifty years ago.

There has never been such a powerful BMW 3 before

From a side view, the proportions of the car are familiar, but its features are amazing, as if the BMW X model had appeared once again in another dimension. The eye also fascinates with the two-tone paint: golden bronze surfaces on top and gray surfaces on the bottom separated by a glossy black stripe, consciously painting the distribution of light/shadow that designers consider ideal. A black wear attachment was installed on 23″ wheels.

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There has never been such a powerful BMW 4 before

The rear windshield was installed on the stern, not the stern; In the top two corners, at the aforementioned protrusions, is a laser engraved brand logo. The taillights also form the depressurized air outlet in the wheel drums, and the exhaust is double, as on all M models, but in a vertical arrangement, which is quite unusual.

There has never been a powerful BMW 5 before

Looking inside, we were shouting: While the front section features narrow brown leather upholstery and square versions of the familiar driver-focused BMW cockpit, the back row of seats feels more like a lush cavern than a luxury passenger environment.

There has never been such a powerful BMW 6 before

Quilted, velvet-covered chairs, similarly woven rugs, and 3D geometric ceiling upholstery promise an enchanting travel experience; Ceiling mood lighting can be activated in three colours.

There has never been a BMW 7 as powerful as this before

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