Blizzard says in a quarterly report that Diablo IV is ‘going back into the dark’ [VIDEO]

Blizzard has shared news, videos, and photos from its long-awaited new RPG, Diablo IV, in its quarterly report.

2021 A With the sad delay of Diablo IV It ended, which was the result of Activision Blizzard’s unprecedented corporate crisis, but 2022 began with the announcement of Microsoft’s purchase of the company, and Blizzard promised to inform us about its highly anticipated games soon.

The news finally came with a quarterly report in which the team shared some videos, screenshots, and a wealth of interesting information about Diablo IV.

The new part of the legendary RPG franchise will feature environments from five different regions where artists “Darker and more earthy look than previous games” I followed the goal Credibility, not realism. volts.

“The regional climate, the diverse local biomes, and the presence of history in the environments determine what a thing or place in a medieval world like a sanctuary should look like visually.” explained Chris Ryder, the game’s director of environmental art. Weather and lighting play a major role in Diablo IV: when it rains, surfaces get wet and puddles form in ruins and monuments, the soil becomes muddy and the environment becomes heavy and humid.

The visual tone for Diablo IV was created using techniques used by classical artists such as Rembrandt, “Back to the Dark” And the pillar that weaves through the game’s features, from dungeons to lighting, sanctuary A dark and dangerous medieval gothic world“change.

Sanctuary: Diablo IV World

Matt McDaid, Lead Environmental Artist for the Blizzard Project, spoke about the five areas that we will be able to explore in the open world of Diablo IV, areas that Beach to Beach or Iceberg Climb We will be able to enter:

  • Scoslyn Coast: A beach full of grim seaweed and rotting corpses surrounded by steep cliffs. On the rocks of the biosphere there are coastal settlements intertwined with ancient structures. Villages are represented by fishing as the main vehicle filled with cultural elements of the region.
  • European monastery: a secluded, hermetic place on the plain of the Aduszt plain. A place of pilgrimage for lovers of Zakarum, with long caravanserais along the routes.
  • kyovashad: gloomy, “frozen and hostile” It is a medieval settlement, although it is still a refuge for its inhabitants. Here you can see the architecture of the broken peaks. The most modest shelters are reminiscent of misery camps where crowds of people live in cramped conditions. Thus Kiovashad has several parts of the city, each with its own cultural elements.
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Thegic Diablo 4

The dungeons of Diablo IV

Brian Fletcher, Co-Director of Environmental and Artistic Dungeons “Known random content from previous Diablo titles” It features but also shares some features that promise to make it more interesting. Of these, Fletcher confirmed that Diablo IV would feature over 150 dungeons.

“We want you to feel that every dungeon is endless and that you only see a small part of a huge underground labyrinth.” Fletcher said. Chaz Head said that both collections and objects are designed to preserve mysticism and awe: “Hopefully you will feel uncomfortable during the adventure, but you will also be rewarded.”

As Fletcher described, these are dungeons “It will include scenery, lighting, and interaction objects to create diverse, unique but procedurally generated dungeons.” This system As a “tessellation group” Described as a mosaic that recreates the environment of these dungeons by reusing different items and adding enough variety to over 150 dungeons.

thegeek diablo 4 dungeon

Diablo IV will contain more than 150 dungeons

In addition to seamless transitions between floors within dungeons, Fletcher also highlighted scenes of transitions between tile sets. These scenes allow you to connect two different sets of mosaics in the same dungeon: “Imagine discovering a crypt and finding a hole in the wall that leads naturally into a vast network of underground caves while still maintaining random planes that change every time you enter the dungeon.” To find out more about Blizzard’s upcoming project, click on the link below!


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