Blizzard doesn’t just work in two games

a Diablo IV And that Observation 2 Although it is currently considered the company’s two largest projects, more are being prepared for “snowstorms”.

a Blizzard These two games were announced by BlizzConon in 2019, and especially in the case of Overwatch 2, we can see that the development path is riddled with pitfalls: Jeff Kaplan, Director of Overwatch, recently left the company (which is probably why 6v6 instead, there will be 5v5 PvP. In the jump; this has already been reported). Not only did the blizzard leave, so something was happening behind the scenes; This was followed by Kat Bailey IGN-from.

He wrote that he is Activision It has more and more power over Blizzard (we just call it Activision Blizzard) because she doesn’t really like Blizzard releasing games at a more restricted and rarer pace. But it is no coincidence that Blizzard veterans have resigned to form independent studios (like Dreamhaven). Lots of people prefer to invest in newly established studios, and if a Blizzardos business here also opens up their portfolios. There are now somewhat optimistic prospects within the company, and World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas has hinted at more.

According to Hazzikostas, Blizzard has already taken on the role and is facing an exciting period (although the development cycles are relatively long). The toys they make aren’t things that they assemble quickly in 1-2 years. We’ve already seen how Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 evolve, and the company is passionate about both games … but other projects are in progress (hopefully not Diablo II: Resurrected or Diablo Immortal here). He hopes he doesn’t have to wait long to be told what it’s all about.

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This looks good on paper, but in practice, we’re usually seeing something different. We hope they will not be disappointed in the upcoming Blizzard matches.

Source: WCCFTech

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