Blizzard boss quit, leader arrives

Blizzard boss quit, leader arrives

J. Allen Brake, Head of Studio Blizzard grain The resignation, which erupted in recent weeks, is linked to sexual harassment scandal last minute.

Barak arrived in 2019 Mike Morhaime In his place, before that he worked for more than a decade world of cans as a leading product. in the place Jane O’Neill And Mike Ybarra coming As co-chairs, they jointly hold the presidency and the CEO. O’Neill will be the first man in the company to assume a leadership position as a woman.

The fact that, according to the lawsuit documents against Blizzard, he was aware of the circumstances and abuses prevailing in the company, but failed to provide appropriate reactions and measures to his colleagues’ indications, may have played a role in the former president’s decision.

The California Department of Employment and Housing (DFEH) recently filed a lawsuit after two years of investigation Launched against Activision Blizzard for harassment and unequal treatment. The DFEH reports that there is a “furat boy” culture within the company, which means female employees are sexually harassed and are paid less. Women of color also have to put up with racist looks.

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