Blind Girl became the best amateur pianist in the UK

The spectators stood up and applauded him.

Channel 4 shut down on March 15 the pianothat it pianist program, where amateur pianists can compare their skills. The competition Lucywon by a 13-year-old blind girl, and the spectators gave her a standing ovation – He writes BBC.

Four finalists made it to the final, which audiences could listen to live at the Royal Festival Hall. the Claudia Winkleman As a casting call for a show he’s hosting none of the four finalists had their own piano, so after the final episode, the show’s producers gave each of them a gift.

Lucy was born with a cancerous tumor in her eye and has autistic traits, so her music is more than a hobby – it’s a means of communication, as she is developmentally behind and has trouble speaking.

Lucy began taking piano lessons at the age of three with her teacher, Daniel, through the music charity Amber Trust.

lang lang a pianist, a jury member called him a “genius”, while he was a pop star mica In his words, “performance of the night” was his.

his mom, CandaceHe said the following after the final:

I always knew he would one day be on the big stage. I told the producers: I saw in my daughter what I saw years ago.

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