Is Black Girl Magic More Important Than Social Issues? – A Look At The New Miss USA Kara McCullough

Sunday May 14, 2017 Kara McCullough was crowned as the New Miss USA, making it a repeat victory for D.C.  which hasn’t happened in the history of The Miss USA Pageant since 1987 when Texas won back to back with Christy Fichtner in 1986 and Michelle Royer in 1987.

Kara McCullough is  25 years old she was born in Naples, Italy and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Kara is a Scientist for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and has her very own community outreach program “Science Exploration For Kids” where she tutors children in math and science. The goal of her program is not only to give back but to encourage woman and children to study and pursue higher education in STEM fields.  She Competed in the Miss D.C. pageant three times, placing as first runner-up two times in a row before winning, and furthermore being crowned Miss USA. So, I guess it is true what they say about the third time being the charm. As you can already see from her story, Kara’s perseverance, intelligence, and her great beauty inside and out shows us that She’s the definition of Black Girl Magic, but her conservative views on social issues are creating mixed feelings about her new title.



In the final question round  Kara was asked whether or not affordable healthcare is a right or privilege and here was her response:


Earlier on she also had some questionable views on “feminism” relating her answer once again to her personal experience from working for the government and not ” conforming” to common views of America, here’s what she had to say:

I personally commend Miss McCullough for being brave enough to have her own stance on views whether they are considered conservative or just her own true opinions and there is no doubt in my mind that she is an educated black woman who has her own individuality.  Where the problem lies for me is the privilege she is possibly experiencing and how it is clouding her views on the common average American; the people who she is supposed to be representing as Miss America.

To make the claim that creating jobs would ensure healthcare is a bit of an ignorant statement to make, because what about the countless numbers of Americans that currently have jobs right now and still can’t afford healthcare, which was the main point of the question ” is Affordable healthcare a right or a privilege” affordable being the keyword and not healthcare. Now, I can see from the standpoint of profitability of hospitals why people are against affordable health care, BUT just as nobody is immune from illness or injury nobody should be immune from health care. point-blank period.

Secondly, she spoke on the extreme ideals of feminism claiming she doesn’t have this “man hating” view but supports the advancement of women professionals. Her answers to say the least left me torn because they had two-sided  ” on the fence ” views of the real issues that were being questioned and in a sense, she skated around the actual question that was asked in both responses by bringing up two other important issues; unemployment and equality in the workforce. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether or not that was her tactic or her real views, but whatever the case may be it helped her get the crown and she is going to be (and already is) dealing with some serious backlash.

Here’s a look at how some of the people on twitter felt :



At the end of the day women in America look up to Miss America as role models and if we can’t relate to her views on what most people not even just most women, PEOPLE are facing today in America Kara is left with the question to ask herself; did she really win anything?

It’s more than the fact that the last  two winners are black women, it’s more than wearing your natural hair to symbolize something, and we’re not concerned with if you’re a Democrat or a Republican , we don’t care about your credentials and we know it’s impossible to agree with everything someone has to say. As a people, we need to have the security of knowing that “the voices of the people” are actually going to help make a difference and represent the majority correctly.

So, not to shade or discredit Miss USA’s new reign in glory, but as a black community, we can’t just support somebody because of superficial commonalities like race, skin color, and hair. On the contrary, we can’t choose not to support somebody because their views, don’t align with what we think they should be because of their appearance and Miss USA is definitely opening all of our eyes once again to how diverse the black community is and how important it is to have your own opinions even if their frowned up. In closing, I’m interested to see how she will handle her new controversy and how she will use her platform throughout her reign as Miss USA to bring awareness to social issues.



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