BKV will replace Ganz المفصل’s old articulated tramway

  • BKV Zrt. It will replace Ganz’s old articulated trams.
  • 35 Frankfurt trams, used and air-conditioned on the low floor, are set to replace the articulated Gans vehicles.

The Board of Directors of BKV Zrt decided to launch a public procurement procedure on the “Procurement of used low-floor trams”. After the successful completion of the procedure, they said, the purchase of the 35 lower tram, could provide an opportunity to replace old Ganz articulated vehicles and improve service quality.

Four-fifths of the electric-powered BKV tram fleet 620 has exceeded the tram’s 30-year life expectancy. Given its technical condition, replacing the 37-year-old Ganz articulated stock with an average lifespan of 50 is most urgent. Thanks to their narrow design (compared to the width of other trams in Budapest) and their light weight, these trams can travel almost anywhere on the BKV tram network, so vehicles with similar technical parameters are suitable for their replacement.

Articulated Veteran Gans (CSMG)

Photo: Ralph Rolczyk / Wikipedia

Due to their similar narrow design, Frankfurt trams may be suitable for this task. It’s actually much more modern than Ganz hinges, has a lower floor design, and has a lifespan of 24 to 28 years, so it can run for at least another 15-20 years.

Preparations for the purchase of vehicles have been under way for months. During this time, all relevant technical and operational data were obtained and the vehicles were checked several times. On the basis of the collected information, a “localization plan” for the tram was prepared, that is, its adaptation to the BKV network, as well as its adaptation.

A preliminary economic calculation has also been completed, based on the results of which, taking into account the costs of air conditioning, the Frankfurt tram can be operated at a cost comparable to the Ganz articulated joints that they intend to replace for 10 years. Without air conditioning, they said, several cost savings of up to HUF 100 million could be achieved in the same period of time compared to the continuous operation of the Ganz articulated tram, in addition to the increased quality provided by lower-storey exports.

In the case of the Frankfurt tram, retrofitting of the air conditioning systems is feasible, which is confirmed by on-site expert examination and retrofitting experience for the TW6100 tram.

Although the total quantity for sale is covered by the purchase procedure, they want to buy only one prototype of a vehicle in the first round. BKV said that the order for additional trams will depend on the localization process of the prototype vehicle, taking into account the success of the air conditioning and economic aspects.

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