Biodiversity is paradise in Bulgaria

Biodiversity is paradise in Bulgaria

Safari in Europe? It seems strange at first, although it is possible. In the wild in Bulgaria. This place is a paradise for biodiversity. A place in Europe where you can safari, where you can meet bison, wild horses and deer.

A safari is one of the best ways to explore the rich wildlife of the region.

“We are in one of the areas where we are working on wildlife restoration and today we will be looking for bison, wild horses and deer,” Stefan Avramov says.

Stefan A Rhodope Reconstruction She works for a non-profit organization that defines itself as a leader in environmental conservation.

“Some animals became extinct thousands of years ago such as the European bison, and others a few hundred years ago such as the red deer. It is important to reintroduce all the animals that no longer live here to make nature more sustainable,” he adds.

We had to go a little deeper into the mountains to see a herd of twelve bison. At least four herds planted here were born in 2013. The goal is to increase its population by thirty in the coming years. Safaris are also the perfect way to see wild horses. Today, about a hundred graze freely in the Eastern Rhodopes. But don’t expect the horses to stay away from us…their curiosity will lead to magical encounters.

It’s unbelievable that we can be this close to these animals. How can tourism help restore wildlife?

“Tourism is a very important part of our work. The return of these animals arouses a great deal of enthusiasm from the public. As a result, poaching, which was the main cause of their extinction, has decreased significantly in recent years,” Stefan.

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The Rhodope Mountains surprised us with a mosaic of open landscapes and famous sites. A unique European adventure!

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