Bill Gates - Neukohn wrote his book full of disturbing plans

Bill Gates – Neukohn wrote his book full of disturbing plans

According to the author of the paper, the billionaire wants to build a miserable world.

Books by Toby Greene from Bill Gates in non-heard author. He remembers that since March 2020, memes and stories have spread around the world that an American billionaire is behind the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“But will you really be a ‘bio-fascist’ who wants to control the world’s population with the help of vaccine passports and microchips?” asks Green, who then reads the tech guru’s latest book, The How to prevent the next pandemic (English: How do we prevent the next pandemic?).

In his new book, Gates writes about a model he believes has worked over the past two years: reducing the number of personal contacts, closing borders, plus quick quarantine measures — and then slow, cautious releases. He points to Dr. Anthony Vocera, who he says has been consulting with him monthly since the pandemic.

“We don’t seem to overreact to things at first, said Tony Fauci, but we also need to be careful to cancel all non-pharmacological interventions.” A global unit will be needed to manage epidemics, Gates said, just as vaccine production will be important — in both rich and poor countries.

Gates said the goal would be to vaccinate everyone around the world – up to twice – within six months, while the shutdown would limit the spread of the new pathogen.

However, Green said that “little people” would not do well with this scenario. He writes that taxpayers are already investing in product development through government agencies, and private companies and their shareholders reap the profits.

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An example is Molnupiravir, which is called effective against Covid. Researchers at Harvard and King’s College London estimate

Molnupiravir costs $17.74 to produce per batch, but is sold to the US government at $712, which is a 4,000 percent profit.

For Gates, technology is the answer to everything, as it may have worked in his own life. He believes that one belongs in the online space, and that even after the virus period, he imagines a world where everyone works flexible hours and can, like him, decide what day they go to the office.

“But the problem with Gates’ digital utopia — full of virtual spaces where 3D avatars engage in business negotiations — is that I don’t think many of us want to live in it.”

Green, who says that while in Bill Gates’ book he tries to pretend to understand everything, he proves in every way that this isn’t really the case.

In a portal-like world, citizens make sacrifices in order to run their model. In addition, he completely ignores the characteristics of each social group. He says internet connections need to be developed for home learning. But can you imagine what it would be like to be locked up with young children in a tiny apartment in New York, Shanghai or London for months? Green asks.

Gates wants to be respected and understood. His world belongs to the innovative scientists who dine with each other. They solve the world’s problems by the pool or near the grill.”

Gates wants to create more and more jobs like this while turning the rest of humanity into a digital avatar, Green wrote at the end of his article, saying there’s no need to delve into conspiracy theories to know the road to Hell is clear. Good intentions.

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Everyone is preparing for the big recovery

As for 2016, conspiracy theory has been the government program in many places today.

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