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Big surprise, Switzerland in the final, Canada bronze

Big surprise, Switzerland in the final, Canada bronze

In the second semifinals of the 82nd World Hockey Championship in Denmark, Switzerland beat Canada by surprise and reached the final on Sunday night, with defending champion Sweden being their rival.

May the Swiss be happy in the end (Photo: AFP)


With the semi-finals on ice at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena, the Swiss were quickly awarded, the tournament’s biggest surprise, a human advantage – Darnell Nurse managed to score a two-minute delay in the third minute – but Roman Josiah didn’t reach the goal.

However, the Canadians were at a disadvantage by the end of the third half: from the Swiss fifth shot Tristan Sheroy I bombed at the top of the long left throw-in point, 0-1.

Then, in the second quarter, Canada took off and pressed more and more the gates of Leonardo Ginoni, who defended his life, and finally Bo Horvat He was the one who leveled with a shot that eerily resembled that of Cheroy – 1–1.

It wasn’t long before maple leaves were equally happy. After more than two minutes, Joel Edmundson, sitting on the bench, took advantage of the show: Kevin Fiala fired a pass. Greg Hoffman Canadian goal hit (1-2). Deprived outside players rushed forward with ever-increasing progress, but were unable to overtake the Ginoni goalkeeper, a close shot by Anthony Bouvillier, for example, with an off-ground achievement, throwing his stick, frustrated by the 30-year-old goalkeeper – shows The summary below is 1:28.

In the final third, Switzerland has already come under pressure from Canada, but with its first shot in the third – and, as it turns out, only – the Europeans scored another goal, once again out of human supremacy: Sven Andrejito’s shot. Gaitan Haas Bounce off the bat at the Canadian Gate (1-3). All this against the Canadians, who defended 92.8% of their human misfortunes before the meeting.

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Six and a half minutes before the end, Canada also got its first human lead in the match, with Noah Rudd getting two minutes for a powerful shot, but Canada couldn’t take advantage of that either – leading to 42-17 from where they shot five minutes before The end, with the Swiss shooting 16 out of 17 in the first 40 minutes, and only shooting once in the third inning – and they scored, too.

Not two minutes before the end after Conor McDavid’s pass Colton Paraico Propelled by the blue line – and what a goalkeeper’s fate – Genoni sank slightly in the clear shot and reached out, so the group entered the net. 2-3

Canada has already played without a goalkeeper for the past two minutes, but they failed to equalize, and, to a big surprise, Switzerland reached the World Cup Final again after 2013, as Sweden will be the one preparing to defend their title. His opponent.

World Hockey Championship, Denmark
Canada 2-3 Switzerland
(0-1, 1–1, 1–1)
Sweden – USA 6-0
(1–0, 3-0, 2–0)

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