Big hikes expected in Britain – Blake

Johnson said at a Downing Street press conference: Starting May 17, in line with the inaugural program set by the government, the number of people living in more than one household will increase from six to thirty people currently., Who can be in each other’s company outdoors, and six people, who do not live under one roof, can hold gatherings indoors, for example in apartments.

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Restaurants, pubs and bars – which currently only open on terraces or in the gardens – may open their internal service rooms next Monday.

Cinemas, theaters, concert halls, museums and stadiums can be opened, but the number of visitors to large-scale events at these facilities is still limited.

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Once again, hotels and other tourist accommodations can accommodate guests and it will be possible to travel for tourism within the UK, so that travelers can also spend nights away from home.

It will also be possible to organize multi-day school trips, and as of next Monday, high school students will not have to wear a mask in the classroom or in the public areas of the school.

Students can also return to universities.

The current full ban on overseas travel for tourism will also be lifted on May 17, but significant restrictions will still be in place.

The British government announced this last week The ban will be replaced by a color-coded system similar to traffic lights, which will determine which countries can enter England without the current mandatory quarantine of ten days.

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People who live in England will also be able to travel to the green-tier countries for tourism purposes from next Monday and will not have to go into quarantine once they return.

However, so far the UK government has classified only twelve countries in this category. Aside from Portugal, no EU member state has been added to this list, including Hungary, which, along with other EU countries, will be among the yellow-tier countries that will continue to be quarantined from next Monday.

Foreigners from Red Category countries are not permitted to enter England. Foreign citizens with a residence permit in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United Kingdom can enter, but must spend ten days in government-designated hotels under guard at their own expense.

But Boris Johnson, in a press conference held Monday evening in which he announced other opening steps, stressed that the new rules, which will take effect within a week, are a very important step on the road to returning to a normal lifestyle.

he added: Additional opening steps will depend on the epidemiological impact of the changes, which will take effect on May 17thBut Britain is still on track to implement the final fourth point of the inaugural schedule on the date set for June 21, which aims to remove all legal restrictions that were still in effect at the time.

The measures announced by the British prime minister on Monday represent the largest easing of restrictions imposed yet at a time when the coronavirus pandemic spreads in January.


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