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Biden’s infrastructure development program could eliminate 1 million US jobs

Biden’s infrastructure development program could eliminate 1 million US jobs

Republican senators described Biden’s infrastructure development program as “a killer in the workplace.” They say the package will give China and Russia a say in US tax laws.

Senate Republicans say President Biden has a $ 2.7 billion (about $ 815 billion) infrastructure development programUndermineIt would put a heavy burden on taxpayers and, in the end, what the supporters of the bill say, Wrote in an article on the American news portal Fox News.

According to an article in Fox News, Republican senators rejected the president’s infrastructure development program – or as the Republican senators called it: “Hat of malice crushes the workplace”, Because, they say, Biden will spend only 5 percent of the $ 2.7 billion building roads and bridges, which Republican senators say does indeed belong to infrastructure.

According to them, only a fraction of the spending is spent on traditional infrastructure

Republican lawmakers also complain that the Biden administration will achieve a funding package by raising the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent.

It’s a huge welfare spending program plus a huge tax increase for small business job creatorsSaid Roger Walker, Mississippi Senator.

The remainder of the bill is without accountability and transparency. “Wish list for non-infrastructure expenditures“It was called.

Republican senators estimate that Biden’s infrastructure development program could eliminate as many as 1 million US jobs.

Meanwhile, Biden and his government said, “Rhetorical gymnastics“ It has been implemented so that almost all elements of the package cater to the infrastructure concept.

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According to the White House Fact Sheet, union rights are stronger “Creating the infrastructure to create middle-class jobs”, This argument can be used for many things, including justification for a wide range of domestic spending.

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