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Biden: Trump supporters are attacking democracy, a new word

Biden: Trump supporters are attacking democracy, a new word


Let’s be clear: A year ago, democracy was attacked in this sacred place. “Fight for the soul of America, and we will win this battle with God’s help,” US President Joe Biden said in his keynote address about the Capitol siege a year ago.

Capitol Building

US President says Donald Trump cornered US legislature to beat democracy and tyrannical ex-presidenta He was going to do it. “He’s not just an ex-boss, he’s a defeated ex-chief.” Trump described, then continued:A president who called the election a lie and the mob that attacked the capital cannot stray from basic American values.” However, Biden says America can never follow the lead of China or Russia and should follow the truth.

“On this day, let us remind ourselves that such an attack cannot be repeated again.”

The chief said. He said the crowd that was sacked by former President Donald Trump wanted to rig the result of a free election and was against the constitution. “We are a great nation and we want to know what is truth and what lies. The truth is that the former President of the United States has spread a web of lies about the 2020 presidential election. His bloated egos matter more to him than our democracy or our constitution, and he has refused to bear the loss – Biden added.

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