BIDEN: The United States will literally protect every inch of NATO members

Russia clashed on Tuesday with the United States and other Western countries regarding an investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion, the Associated Press reported.

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzga He stated in the United Nations Security Council (SC) that Moscow does not trust the validity of the investigations conducted by Denmark, Sweden and Germany, but hopes that Antonio Guterres The Secretary-General of the United Nations orders an independent international investigation into the bombings.

The competent authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom and France said that the investigation into the circumstances of the explosions on the gas pipelines is still ongoing. They say Russia is calling for an investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion only to divert attention from the one-year anniversary of the attack on Ukraine and the next three days of high-level UN activities, including the adoption of a General Assembly resolution condemning Moscow’s past actions.

Russia is trying desperately to divert attention as the world gathers this week to build a just and lasting peace in Ukraine in line with the United Nations Charter.

confirmed John KellyMinister d’affaires of the United States.

Before the meeting, the ambassadors of Denmark, Sweden and Germany sent a message to the members of the committee, saying that their investigation revealed that “strong explosions due to sabotage” severely damaged gas pipelines. According to the letter sent on Tuesday morning, further investigations are underway in the three countries. According to their claim, Russia has already been told to continue the investigation.

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They claim that they informed us that the investigation is continuing and this is not true. Our efforts to obtain information were ignored or denied

Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations said, Dmitry Polyansky this week.

According to Nebenzga, Moscow was unable to participate in the investigation being led by the three countries. “It is not enough for the investigation to be opaque, but it is clear from the sun that they just want to remove the traces and stand by their American brother.” In his speech to the Council, Kelly responded to the slander of the Russian ambassador.

Allegations that the United States was involved in the bombings are completely false

– Tell.

The gas reached Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline until August 2022, when Russia cut off supplies. Nord Stream 2 was never commissioned because after Russia recognized the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway republics, Germany suspended the license for the gas pipeline. The bombings occurred on September 26, 2022.

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