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Biden said US diplomacy has been clumsy, creating tensions with France

Biden said US diplomacy has been clumsy, creating tensions with France

“What we did was pretty clumsy. There wasn’t a lot of elegance in it.” This is what Joe Biden said during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in Rome. For the first time, the US president sprinkled ashes on his head in public since dangerous diplomatic tensions erupted between his country and France.


In mid-September, it turned out that the Australian Navy will be equipped with nuclear submarines. These weapons are supplied to Australia by the United States and Britain. A word formed from the names of countries, called the AUKUS agreement, put the French in a difficult situation, as it was the case that the Australians would buy diesel submarines from them. In addition to American economic interests, the deal was also beneficial with China for defensive reasons due to the rising tensions. On the other hand, the French recalled their ambassadors in Washington and Canberra, mentioned treachery and stabbing in the back, and began in the capacity of the European Union that it is time to rethink the transatlantic relationship and establish European strategic independence. All this was written by Andras Kiraly at length in this article.

Wednesday, September 22, 11:29

Why France prepared a table for the United States?

Ambassadors were recalled and even the European Union pressed for joint action against the United States, Australia and Britain because the three of them agreed to operate submarines. What do they have to do with this and why does it hurt them so much?

The G-20 meeting is now taking place in Rome. Biden also met the Pope here and took the opportunity to settle French relations.

“I would like to note that we appreciate the partnership of France, which is a strength in itself.” The US president said after admitting his diplomatic mistakes, the US president apologized knowing that someone had notified the French leadership of the hacked submarine actions. He also swore he didn’t know Macron was taking a shower at American University.

Macron has already said “what really matters is what we do together in the future,” assuring the US leadership that peace is sacred.

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