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Biden opposes abortion bans alone

Biden opposes abortion bans alone

By presidential decree, he is trying to do something about the situation that arose after the decision of the Supreme Court. However, he cannot do miracles by decree, he knows this.

Joe Biden On Friday, the US president will sign a presidential decree in which he wants to address a court ruling against US abortion rights. CNN. The decision of the Supreme Court (which also serves as the Constitutional Court of the United States), which effectively invalidated a decision setting a precedent for the case known as Roe v. Wade, has raised a lot of dust.

Since many states in the United States are dominated by conservative majorities, many member states have decided to ban abortion entirely and in many cases criminalize it.

CNN notes that the court’s decision is at a higher level in the US legal hierarchy than Biden’s expected presidential decree, so the president will not be able to restore abortion rights on his own. Biden himself has previously stated that many Democrats must be elected to Congress in the November midterm elections, then the former basic right can be restored.

According to CNN, the presidential order will call for it Xavier Becerra The Minister of Health is taking steps to improve access to medical abortion. Within a month, the department should put a report on Biden’s desk on the matter. They also want to help those countries that would care for patients from other countries that ban abortion. However, these progressive proposals were rejected by the White House, such as performing abortions on federal lands in prohibited states (likely because they are not within the jurisdiction of a particular state).

In addition, the US president wants to enshrine the right to abortion in law, but it will be difficult for him to pass this in the Senate, where there are an equal number of Republican and Democratic senators in the House of Representatives.

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