Biden Mandner will add more to space exploration

Biden Mandner will add more to space exploration

It also enters into a simple cultural conflict.

US President Joe Biden on Friday presented the draft US budget for 2022, which shows, among other things, that the United States will spend more on space research next year than before. NASA science research will get $24.8 billion in next year’s budget, which is of course not as much as Americans are spending on it during the space race, but it fits well with trends so far, writes

In the 2022 budget, 9 percent of the money will be allocated to science projects more than before, but it will also support the Artemis program, which by 2024 will return people to the moon. It’s also got into a culture battle: I’m going to increase the amount spent on a human landing system by $1.2 billion, which will cost the first woman and first color astronaut to fly to the moon. The portal writes that the fate of HLS is not yet clear, since Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be mentioned in the project, who did not like the origin of Jeff Bezos, so they challenged this result.

There will also be more NASA projects studying Earth changes. They will increase the budget for the Department of Earth Sciences by 12 percent, and thus support research into the effects of climate change, for example.

In the opening photo: Soyuz rocket launch from Baikonur. Photo: MTI/EPA/Sergei Ilnyitsky

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