Biden initially said publicly that I would defend Taiwan against China

Biden initially said publicly that I would defend Taiwan against China

US President Joe Biden confirmed Thursday evening in Baltimore on the CNN news television that the United States would protect Taiwan from a possible Chinese attack.

Anderson Cooper In response to a question submitted, the President stated that the US government would have a duty to do so.

In this context, news agencies emphasized that the issue of possible military aid had been deliberately left by Washington until now.

Biden stressed that the United States does not want a conflict with China, but that Beijing’s leadership should understand this

We will not back down or change our positions.

The US president also spoke of people who don’t have to worry about US military power because China, Russia and the rest of the world are aware of US hegemony.

What is worrying is whether they devote themselves to activities that could put them in a position to make serious mistakes

Biden said.

Tensions between Taiwan and China are rising due to Chinese fighter jets repeatedly violating Taiwanese airspace in the recent past. According to a summary in the international press, more than 150 Chinese aircraft have flown into the airspace since October 1.

Taiwan, which has had its own political leadership since 1949, is considered by Beijing as a breakaway province from China. Their relationship, after several years of closeness, turned lukewarm again in 2016 after the Independence Party Kaj Jing Fen He became president of Taiwan, committed to maintaining the status quo and enhancing the island’s self-defense capabilities. In addition to circumventing Beijing’s political means, he often conducts military exercises around the island under pressure, and did not rule out the possibility of uniting forces if necessary.

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Although the United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it is the island’s largest arms supplier and regularly sends warships to the Taiwan Strait to demonstrate the principle of freedom of navigation.

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